IMG_0056Sensual Surrealism is the photographic brainchild of photographer Julia Maryanska and former top model Kim Iglinsky. It is a photo-journey in which we help you move through and metabolize life’s transitions.

We are creating provocative visual stories by inviting our subjects to step into a part of themselves they normally don’t embody, and we create a scene for that part. We are invested in using this imagery to provoke and stimulate people’s pre-existing ideas of themselves and to challenge the viewer to get in touch with the subtle tension in the image. We are using the photographic process to midwife our client’s potential, and their healing visions for themselves, for humanity and the planet through each photographic art journey, telling a healing story.

To begin, you’ll have a one on one session with Kim to identify where you are and where you are heading, then we’ll collaborate on the vision we want to create and culminate with a half day photo-shoot in which we’ll create a scene for you to step into and through to the other side and to who you are becoming. You will receive 5 retouched photos and 20 color corrected images.

If you are curious to discover if this photographic journey is for you, please contact me.